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Big Audacious Goals

The Kaifa Group has not wanted to simply rest on our accomplishments, so we have challenged ourselves with what we call our Big Audacious Goals (our BAGs) to be accomplished over the next five years. Two of those goals are described below.

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Endless Joy School

One of the ultimate objectives of Endless Joy Educational Services is that the tutoring services that have been provided would yield the opportunity to establish an accredited school in Bago, Myanmar.

The Latest - Center for Sustainable Lead

Center for Sustainable Leadership Development

The CSLD will address the need for sustainable leadership so that groups and organizations will not only survive but thrive for generations to come.

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Covid Response in Asia

As Covid-19 spread across Asia, Kaifa pivoted to provide support for partners in need, PPE and meals for those most impacted economically by requirements to shelter, and in the midst found new opportunities for outreach.

The Latest - Lois Children_s Education C

Lois Children's Education Center

A hope for the founder of LCEC for more than 10 years is for professional development for their teachers and staff. Kaifa responded by sourcing Grace College and TeachBeyond to provide a modular certificate program.


Cornerstone Learning Center

An opportunity has grown out of our Covid response in the slums of Yangon, Myanmar, to leverage the good will that has been widely developed in this time of crisis for something that would have a long term impact.


TESS Myanmar

Benjamin also has a vision for the Cornerstone Learning Center to ultimately become self-supporting through a synergistic project Tess Myanmar. 

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Taylor University Study Tours

Kaifa provided logistical and program support to a China Study Tour for Taylor University honors students in 2019. Kaifa is tentatively scheduled to do a similar study of Thailand and Myanmar in 2023.  

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