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How to Participate

From Home or Packed to Go

Provide Skilled or Unskilled Short-Term Service

Plan a vacation with a purpose; Assist in an English, music, computer, or sports camp; or Provide training in your area of expertise.

Seek Volunteer or Vocational Opportunities

Skills like grant writing, development, teaching, administration, etc. are always needed.

Take a Trip

Survey a country or project; Learn through travel and experience; Seek cross-cultural learning opportunities.

Advocate for Kaifa

Be an ambassador for Kaifa, a project, or one of our partners in your workplace, church or friendship groups.


Another way of participating is to be a financial partner in the work of The Kaifa Group in Asia. Online donations can be made in the form below. We are sincerely grateful for you and for your partnership in Kaifa's efforts.

EIN: 13-3707484

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