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What We Do

The Kaifa Group is a faith-based, non-profit organization which brings people, resources and ideas together for common, sustainable and life-changing objectives.

  • Generating Strategic approaches that work,

  • Navigating Regulations, policies, and procedures in unfamiliar environments,

  • Contextualizing Content that bridges gaps across culture, and

  • Developing Leadership that is sustainable for generations to come.

Kaifa's Two Pronged Approach

The task is too big to be done alone, and too important to not do together.

What We Do.jpg

We empower individuals, organizations, and groups from around the world interested in meaningful and effective engagement in Asia by:

  • Consulting on strategic approach to maximize impact,

  • Sourcing the appropriate partner relationships (including government relations as needed), &

  • Contextualizing your content and capabilities for the context of Asia.


We unlock the potential of nationals who have their own vision for how to change their world and make a difference in people's lives. Toward that end we come along side to provide as needed:

  • Personal mentoring,

  • Training or education,

  • Professional development,

  • Capacity building,

  • Human resources sourcing, and/or,

  • One-time fund sourcing.

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